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Antonia Kasper Actress, Writer, Producer, Director

shows 3/28
& 4/5 & 4/12 2024

Testimonials 45 Coffee Dates

"We enjoyed it so much. Very entertaining and hilarious beyond words. Highly recommend it!"

Mei Hui

"Well written, well acted, touching, and funny too! Definitely a play to see and support!"

Joanne DiMauro

"Antonia is incredibly talented and her show is very compelling. You are laughing and then moved to tears and at the edge of your seat the whole time. Loved it and would watch her anytime she is performing."

Mindy Fradkin

(Princess Wow)

"Antonia delivers a heartfelt and hilarious performance in her one woman show. We all can identify with her struggle to find love in the unpredictable world of cyberspace. I enjoyed every minute!"

Canedy Knowles

"A man that doesn't pet your dog is usually a sign on how he's going to treat you!"
“When a man says,'You're classy' odds are he's not!"
“If you have one good friend for your entire lifetime...
consider yourself lucky!" 
"Fake it til you make it...real"
"It's never too late for self-discovery...or love!" 

Quotes from "45 Coffee Dates"  Copyrighted Material 

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In search of my soul-mate
through cyberspace and beyond!
Written & performed by
Antonia Kasper

Directed by 
Austin Pendleton

With her biological clock ticking, thirty-nine-year-old New Yorker, Rachel Yardley is propelled into doing something that goes against everything she believes in—Online Dating. Challenged by her sister’s dare to meet fifty men in ninety days, Rachel rises to the occasion. While desperately speed dating at Starbucks, she questions her past choices in ex-boyfriends, abusive/abandonment issues with her father, and why the only unconditional love she has ever known…is with her dog.


Take the humorous and timely rollercoaster ride as Rachel Yardley races against her

biological clock to find Mr. Right (and possibly conceive a child). Can this woman who

feels “past her prime” find true love in a city where the odds are against her?

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Excerpts of Book
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45 Coffee Dates
45CoffeeDates show/book
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True Confessions of The Straight Man

A 90’s Farce.

The LGBTQ and Sometimes Straight Play.

“Because we all have a rainbow inside!”

Celebrating 50 years of Pride!  


Written & Directed by

Antonia Kasper


Hannah Coffman, Joe Diez, Scott Kall, Lawrence Karl, Elise Ramaekers,

Nicholas Schommer, Megan Styrna


 Understudies: Joe Castinado, Bobby Geunther, Angela Strauman, and Mitchell Todd nunt


 Everyone thinks Todd Robinson is gay, including the girl he likes, Kate Conner.

Afraid he might jeopardize their friendship, Todd’s façade snowballs into an over-the-top mix-up 

of sexual preference and identities, when he gets his homophobic roommate and a Drag Queen involved. 

What happens when a straight guy pretends to be gay to get the girl?  


Sometimes we have to pretend to be something we’re find our true self!

"I didn't know he was married...I just thought he was busy!  I'm so naive. I guess it's time to toughen up. I need to learn how to be a New York bitch!" 

"We were outcasts... going against the system. 

Our love was different...special."  

"Men in Manhattan are measley, you know mousey, I would try looking in the nearby malls but right now my moped is being maintanced so I'm not mobile".

Testimonials at The Laurie Beechman Theater June 2022

Testimonials of original cast/ debute of TCSM 2019



A black comedy jukebox musical

book & direction by

Antonia Kasper

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